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Cara menulis Huruf Braille

Cara menulis Huruf Braille -

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  • 🔠 Judul : Cara menulis Huruf Braille
  • 🕑 Duration : 03:57
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Learn Braille In One Lesson

Dicky Argiyatna 05 May 2012
Braille revolutionized life for the vision impaired. Discover how this remarkable system works. This video will teach you the braille alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks which are found in Grade 1 Braille. I was inspired to make this video after reading a great book called Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software

Brailtex - An Innovation In Braille Writer

Dicky Argiyatna 04 Feb 2017
This video demonstrates an innovation on the existing braille-writing device used by the blind and the visually impaired to write and read Braille letters. The existing braille writer has been used widely by blind students who just started learning braille writing system as the Braille letters are big and easy to understand. The device works as the following: imagine this wooden block as a piece of paper, where students write backwards in Braille letters using the bolts. When they are reading, they need to remove the bolts and start putting in the Braille letters forward. Just for your information, the blind has different system in writing and reading. They write backwards and read forward. However, the existing Braille writer has a major weakness. Students are required to switch the bolts as they write or read; the bolts can easily disconnect from the block and/or misplaced, as they are small. It is difficult for the blinds to find the missing bolts. Fortunately, Mr Supardi from Bandung, Indonesia who is really passionate in helping the blinds, had come up with a brilliant idea. He assembled a modified version of the braille writer to help address the above problem. The modified version is called Brailtex. Using a similar concept, imagine the white plastic slate as a paper. However with Brailtex, students now can write backwards as usual from the backside of the plastic slate, and read what they wrote. Teachers or readers will just have to flip the slate over and start reading. The plastic bolts are firmly attached; therefore students will not need to re-arrange the bolts when they are reading. Besides, students would not have to worry about losing the bolts anymore as they are permanently connected. Once they are done, they can easily clear the writings by grinding the plastic bolts using any plastic cards. Mr Supardi has been mass-producing his innovation, if you know anyone who would benefit from this product, please do not hesitate contact Mr Supardi by email: and

Belajar Braille Huruf Alfabet with @Kartunet #1

Dicky Argiyatna 23 Dec 2012
Tutorial perkenalan belajar huruf braille yang disampaikan oleh @Fan_P dari Kartunet Community. Tutorial ini semoga dapat dijadikan media belajar online bagi tunanetra baru atau mereka yang nontunanetra tapi ingin tahu lebih banyak tentang huruf braille. Seri tutorial pertama, masih pada tahap perkenalan alat dan huruf alfabet dalam Braille. Untuk info lebih lanjut, dapat kontak via email atau telp ke (021) 7271387.

Low Cost Braille Writing Solution

Dicky Argiyatna 14 Feb 2016
Alternative to solution which can costs thousands or hundreds of dollars. Link to templates to print:


Dicky Argiyatna 13 Oct 2016
CARA BELAJAR MENULIS HURUF VOKAL UNTUK ANAK TK CARA BELAJAR MENULIS HURUF VOKAL UNTUK ANAK TK CARA BELAJAR MENULIS HURUF VOKAL UNTUK ANAK TK CARA BELAJAR MENULIS HURUF VOKAL UNTUK ANAK TK ************************************************************* Untuk berbagai video yang menarik di : Untuk berbagai informasi kesehatan di :

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